When one owns a home in the country which is only tenanted during the warm summer months, it is possible to furnish it in an entirely different style from that of a house used at all seasons. The color scheme should be suggestive of coolness and rest, and an airContinue Reading

After we have done the best possible with the bedroom, we come to the chief article within that very useful apartment — the bed, and its makeup. The first thing to be considered is the bedstead. Fortunately, this is a much less pretentious and elaborate affair than a generation orContinue Reading

Very few think of using the old-fashioned blue or brown denims in house furnishing, and yet in many places it is very durable and really pretty. It makes a neat carpet for a bedroom, study, or any room where there is not too much wear on the carpet. If blueContinue Reading

ONE WAY TO BIND  Neatly, Substantially And Usefully. Nothing so admirable for the household elsewhere exists as Good Housekeeping, and the successive numbers should be preserved and bound. There is more need of binding this than other magazines, because it will be referred to oftener. The magazine is more convenientContinue Reading

Tis to be hoped that no one expects a fashion article from the above title, for I confess at the start that the most know-nothing clerk at the linen counter in any of our large dry goods stores knows more of “the fashion ” in towels than I do. Besides,Continue Reading