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Ahh coffeee! A lot of us enjoy our morning cup of coffee just as the Victorians did. I had a lot of fun putting this Victorian inspired kit together...Continue Reading

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Remodelled Hallway


We offer the accompanying illustration as an example of remodelling. In the original house the stairway was narrow and enclosed. This has been removed, and a new staircase in hard wood introduced, with fireplace and settle at the foot of the same, and at the end of the settle the old hall clock. The upper portion of this fire-place has the brick-work exposed, the lower portion being encased for mirror, etc., and above the mirror a small sconce mirror. As will be noticed, the doorways into time principal rooms from this hall are without doors; a curtain of heavy material, hung to a rod with rings, forms a means of shutting off the view from the hall when desirable. The end of the main hallway is marked and divided by a newel column, bracketed each way.
We are indebted to Bicknell & Comstock, of this city, for our illustration and description, from one of their latest publications, entitled 'Woollett's Old Homes Made New,' containing twenty-two plates of exteriors and interiors.

- Taken Manufacturer and Builder Feb 1879

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